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April 15 Pre-marriage/Marriage Essentials Course – 5:00pm
April 22 Pre-marriage/Marriage Essentials Course-5:00pm & 6:30pm
April 29

Pre-marriage/Marriage Essentials Course-5:00pm & 6:30pm



The Healing Network consisting of Christ-centered recovery groups for those experiencing tough hurts, habits, and struggles. At some point in life, that’s pretty much all of us. From addition to divorce recovery, the Healing Network offers an encounter with the transforming power of God. Every group provides a safe, positive environment where connection with those who are struggling with similar challenges can come together in support, accountability, and love to find hope and healing.

Find help and healing for the hurt of separation and divorce. A new, 13-week session begins Thursday, January 12. Meetings are held in Room 204 from 6:30-8pm on Thursday evenings. The cost is $15 for the workbook. Please contact Sharon: to register.
Recognizing the pain and loneliness of losing someone you love, we are offering a new 13 week grief group to provide support and steps towards healing. The group will be held Thursday evenings, Room 205, starting January 12 from 6:30-8:00pm. We will be using the Grief Share videos and workbooks. Cost is $15 for the workbooks. Please contact Sharon: to register.
Fellowship/Support for addicts, alcoholics, and anyone struggling with obsessive/compulsive behaviors.
The class is held every Thursday evening from 6:30-8pm in Room 202. Drop-ins are welcome.
Please contact Sharon: to register.
For family and friends of those addicted and in recovery, providing them with support. Biblical principles are taught to encourage loving relationships rather than enabling. The class is held every Thursday evening from 6:30-8pm in Room 201. Drop-ins are welcome.
Please contact Sharon: to register.


We are pleased that you are planning to be married, and are interested in Cornwall Church’s pre-marriage class. We are committed to fostering loving, joyful and fulfilling marriages that last a lifetime, and are glad that you are considering premarital training that can help support you in experiencing marital health and fulfillment.

The Pre-marriage/Marriage Essentials Course is taught by Pastor Randy and Pam Pries and is designed for both pre-married couples to help couples prepare for marriage and for married couples as a tool for marriage enrichment. They cover a variety of topics, including understanding God’s design for marriage, communication and conflict resolution, personality identification and dealing with differences, finances, sexuality, spirituality, and more. Courses are held in 5 sessions spanning a 4 week time period. Pre-registration is required.

The next class dates are:
Saturday, April 15 – 5:00pm
Saturday, April 22 – 5:00pm and 6:30pm (Attend both sessions)
Saturday, April 29 – 5:00pm and 6:30pm (Attend both sessions)

The fee is $35 per couple to cover the cost for the Prepare/Enrich survey and will be collected at the time of taking the survey. The survey is to be taken during the same weeks as the course, and will be explained in further detail by Pastor Randy. Checks should be made out to PREPARE/ENRICH and will be taken at the time of the survey.

If you are interested in registering for the course, please email

When Pam and I were first married, some of the best marriage advice we ever received was to “have a weekly date night” and “attend an annual marriage conference or retreat.” We know that one of the greatest dangers to marital health is marital drift and neglect. This warning and encouragement has served us well over 35 years of marriage; it has encouraged us to stay connected regularly with each other, especially during some very busy and very difficult stages in our marriage and family life. Participating in annual extended times away has allowed us to refocus, learn, and grow together during a time of little distraction in a relaxed, retreat setting.
We encourage you to make a similar commitment—to carve out time together as a married couple, and toward that end, to attend this year’s Cornwall Marriage Retreat. For the last 17 years, we have committed to provide a marriage retreat that will be informative, thought provoking, and discussion prompting.

Our next Marriage Retreat will be January 19-21, 2018.

To sign up, download this and fill it out.

For information and registration:


What is the condition of your soul? As Christ followers, we rarely ask each other this question. And if asked the question, we would be hard pressed to know how to answer, wondering, “what is my soul” and “how would I define its condition?”

However, most of us, if we are honest, would reply that our lives are filled with demands, work, relationships, activity (including Christian activity), busyness… and the result can be exhaustion physically, emotionally, mentally, and in our “soul”; wondering if we are missing the peace that Jesus offers; and a longing for inner rest, nourishment, refreshment, and a new way of operating in life; and a deep longing for God. If this reflects your life and soul, we want you to know that you are not alone. We as ministry leaders and fellow Christ followers understand this all too well.

As a result, we want to invite you to a day-long retreat where you will have time for reflection, rest, prayer, and renewal…..and an opportunity to meet with God in deeper, soul-filled ways.

Our next Soul Care Day will be on Thursday, April 13, 2017.

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If you’d like more information about these ministries or are interested in signing up let us know. We look forward to meeting you!

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