Bread of Life

Change a life. Sponsor a child.

Committing to sponsoring a child helps to break the cycle of poverty by providing hope, education and a hot meal! Sponsoring a child through Cornwall’s partnership with Bread of Life Ministries means you are linked to a child who knows your name and treasures the thought that you care. Your prayers, letters and photos do more for your sponsored child than you can possibly imagine.

“Train up a child in the way he should go; even when he is old he will not depart from it.”Proverbs 22:6

What is Bread of Life?

Haiti is the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.
For many of its citizens, life is a day to day battle for survival. 76% of the population live on less than $2/day, and 80% live below the poverty line. Hunger is widespread, sanitation is poor, and waterborne diseases run rampant. Voodoo keeps many of the people in spiritual bondage.

Of the population in Haiti…

live on less than $2/day
live below the poverty line

Bread of Life Ministries is a network of schools and a children’s home in Haiti.
The schools and home are located in St. Marc and in a nearby villages in the surrounding Artibonite Valley. Most community members are subsistence farmers who try to feed themselves and their families by growing a few vegetables and selling them at the market. Many are hungry and malnourished.

Bread of Life Ministries provide a source of hope for tomorrow and encouragement for today in the communities they serve. Owned and operated by our long-time Haitian partner, Bread of Life Ministries currently offers Christian education for about 500 students. Staff are able to share the love of Jesus by providing each student with what could be their only meal on each school day: a hot, nourishing lunch of rice and beans. Thank you for helping to make this possible.

Visit our Facebook page to view photos of children who are currently in need of a sponsor. You select a child you’d like to sponsor. Many sponsors choose by age, gender, birthdate or just whatever grabs his or her heart. Once you have selected a child email our Sponsorship Coordinator, Donna Ouilette, at If you aren’t sure where to begin, email Donna and she will get you connected to a child. Donna will provide you with the necessary forms and information, as well as answer any questions you have regarding policy and the program.
The cost of sponsoring a child through Cornwall Church’s partnership with Bread of Life Ministries is just $35/month.
If you choose to set up your sponsorship using a credit card or EFT (recommended), your card will be charged on the same date each month and a statement will be mailed to you. If you would like to pay by check, we will send you an invoice each time your payment is due (monthly/annually/yearly–based on preference). Click here to open and print the EFT form.
Your choice to sponsor a child through Bread of Life is based on you! There is no set term for sponsorship. You may sponsor as long as you like and discontinue your sponsorship as needed by contacting us directly. If you are no longer able to sponsor a child, he or she will be re-listed as available to sponsor by another individual.
Yes, you are welcome to join a mission team to Haiti through Cornwall Church. Each time a team is sent we do all we can to ensure the sponsors on that team are able to meet their child and make contact. There is nothing quite like holding a child you have prayed for over many months or even years! We encourage these supervised visits through the Cornwall Church mission program.
Absolutely! A sponsor does not need to call Cornwall Church home to change the life of a child in the Bread of Life Ministries.
Correspondence plays a key role in building lasting relationships and showing your love. You will be invited via email to write to your child each time we send a missionary to Haiti (about 3 times per year). Just send your letter to Cornwall Church to the attention of BOL Child Sponsorship. You are welcome to write to your child in English or Haitian Creole. If you’d like to write in Creole check out our handy Creole Phrase Book.

Questions? Please contact Dean and Donna Ouilette, our missionaries to Haiti at

Sponsorship F.A.Q.

Feel free to contact our missionaries to Haiti, Dean and Donna Ouilette at