Serving Others

At Cornwall we believe that an important element to altering our spiritual landscape is serving others in need. This is all about loving God first and our neighbors as ourselves. When we take restorative action, we join in God’s redemptive work in the world as we make Jesus known by actively addressing injustice, seeking restoration, and expressing compassion. These restorative actions are always done in relationship because it is in relationship, and compelled by love, that we share the hope of Jesus with those who don’t yet know him.

“For we are God’s workmanship; created in Christ Jesus to do good works, which God has prepared in advance for us to do”Ephesians 2:10

Local & Global

Both locally and globally, Cornwall is strategically invested in long-term partnerships with organizations actively working to express the love of God through restorative action and relational evangelism. Our partnerships provide opportunities for you to invest your time, talents and finances in God’s redemptive work around the world.

Opportunities Include:

  • Go & Be prayer gatherings
  • Mission trips
  • Sponsoring a child
  • Serving local at-risk kids
  • Helping our county schools
  • Feeding the hungry and homeless
  • Caring for women impacted by sexual exploitation and slavery

Take Action

We believe a short-term mission has a two-fold purpose. The first is to answer the call of Jesus in our lives to share His love with others, to feed the hungry, to clothe the naked, to visit those in prison–to reach out to those in need. Out of love for Jesus and obedience to our Father in heaven, we go to lay down our lives in service to others. Our second purpose is to grow in our love for God and others. As we step outside our comfort zones to help others, our faith is stretched and we draw closer to our Savior.

A Cornwall Church Mission is much more than just a 10-day trip, it is an opportunity to grow closer to God as we understand more fully the mission He called us to when we gave our hearts to Him. The experience has 3 major parts:

  • EQUIP—learning together in community in the 3-4 months pre-trip.
  • SERVE—serving others in community as you live out what you learned.
  • APPLY—using your experience and what God revealed to you to further the mission God has called you to in your life.

Interested in reserving your spot on one of our upcoming mission trips?

Download the Short-Term Mission Process & Application, which explains the steps involved in preparing for and going on a mission.

Questions? Contact Candi at 733.2150×3033 or

Partners We Serve

Haiti–Bread of Life: Bread of Life Ministries is working to bring the hope and freedom found in Jesus to the children and families living near St. Marc, Haiti. Through a network of schools and a children’s home, Bread of Life works daily to break the cycle of pain and poverty. Through ongoing relationship with the staff of Bread of Life and the children they serve, we show Jesus’ love and join in His work to restore beauty to this struggling country. Trips to Haiti always include relationship building, spending time with kids, and sponsorship visits. Depending on the gifting of the team, trips may also include community outreach, painting, building and/or construction projects, and children’s events.

Vancouver Island, Canada—Esperanza Ministries: Esperanza, a remote village and mission on the west coast of Vancouver Island is a place of refuge and healing for the coastal people. The staff of Esperanza provide support services to those struggling with broken relationships, poverty, abuse, and homelessness. The staff of Esperanza are dedicated to walking side-by-side with the First Nations people God brings into their lives. Our short-term mission teams focus on supporting and encouraging the staff of Esperanza, communicating love, value, hope, and encouragement to the First Nations people through practical acts of service like childcare, preparing and serving meals, cutting firewood, grounds clean up, and practicing the “ministry of presence”.

Peru–JungleMaster Ministries: JungleMaster Ministries works to encourage, equip and share the love of Jesus with the people of the Amazon Region. Recognizing the importance of building lasting relationships with the people they serve JungleMaster works to raise up pastors, plant churches in remote villages, and bring practical support (like clean water and medical teams) to areas in need. Cornwall Mission Teams work with JungleMaster to connect relationally with the people who live deep in the jungle. Our primary goal is to help provide for basic needs and join JungleMaster as they work to communicate love and value to people living in remote villages.

Sponsor a child banner

Investing in the life of a child through prayer, encouragement, and financial support is a beautiful expression of God’s love in the world. Child sponsorship is an impactful, yet simple, way to join in God’s redemptive work in the world as we make Jesus known by actively addressing injustice, seeking restoration, and expressing compassion to vulnerable children. Whether right here in Whatcom County through our partnership with Rebound of Whatcom County, or further afield through our partnership with Bread of Life Ministries in Haiti, this important restorative action brings us closer to the heart of God.

Sponsor a Child
Haiti – Bread of Life Ministries
Whatcom County – Rebound

Cornwall Church’s local partner, Rebound of Whatcom County, exists to bring hope and healing to kids and families whose childhoods have been hurt by abuse, poverty and neglect.

Rebound Ray of Hope camper and missionaryWe are honored to provide prayer and financial support while encouraging volunteers to serve throughout Rebound’s programs. Through services such as Ray of Hope (a summer day camp), parent education, child support groups and more, Rebound is able to equip the parents and children with the life skills necessary to understand, talk about, and cope with what is happening in their lives in healthy, positive ways.

Ray of Hope Mission Trip
During the summer we have a unique opportunity to partner with Rebound in a new way, by sending a mission team to serve for a week at the Ray of Hope summer day camp.

Rebound Thursday Dinners
Cornwall Church helps provide dinner at Rebound’s Thursday night programming. Our volunteers provide these families a chance to enjoy a home-cooked meal (a rare treat) and fellowship of community. For more information or to sign up for a Cornwall sponsored Thursday Night, email Candi.

man high-fives a girl at a school serveOur schools face significant challenges in the way of finances, teachers, academic performance, and overall character development. There are countless opportunities for the Church to step in, show them Jesus, and help meet practical needs. Cornwall has been developing relationships with our local area public schools to help care for the children and families of our community. Our Community Serve School projects allow us to come out in large numbers to meet practical needs like landscaping and painting, cleaning and maintenance, and providing snacks or shoes for low-income children.

Work Project – “School Serve”
Each year when the weather warms and dries up, Cornwall Church comes together, young and old, to serve our local schools with an “all church” school serve. Our local schools share with us their practical needs and we do our best to meet those needs using volunteers from the church.


Cornwall strives to meet some of the most basic needs of those in our community living in homelessness.  We do this through our weekly Salt on the Street ministry, our annual Christmas Food Drive and our partnership with Love, INC.

Salt on the Street banner
Salt on the Street
Every Saturday night, people living in homelessness in Bellingham are cared for and warmed by a hot meal and friendship offered through the Salt on the Street Ministry.  This is a beautiful expression of the heart of Go & Be; joining in God’s redemptive work in the world through restorative action and relational evangelism.

Salt on the Street sends out two teams each week. The mobile team goes out to the “doorstep” of those in need, meeting them right where they are with a sack lunch, a hot bowl of chili and an offer of friendship.  Our street team gathers at the Salvation Army Church for a full meal, some fellowship, music and encouragement provided by the volunteers of Salt on the Street.

Volunteers are integral to making this ministry happen and work all week long to pull off Saturday night’s event.  If you are interested in serving on one of our Saturday teams email to learn more.

Want to jump in? Download and complete the Salt Volunteer Application

Donate Items
Serving a meal each week to around 150 people takes a lot of chili and supplies. If you’d like to participate by donating supplies, below are items we are constantly in need of:

  • Stagg Chili Con Carne with Beans (108 oz can)
  • Stagg Country Chili (108 oz can)
  • Diced Tomatoes (108 oz can)
  • Ground coffee
Modern day slavery, or the trafficking of people, is an injustice that has been allowed to flourish for much too long. Seeking justice for those enslaved and exploited is a calling close to the heart of God. Cornwall Church is working alongside others to bring freedom and restoration through awareness education, prayer, and a strategic partnership with Engedi Refuge Ministries, an organization focused on bringing healing to women recovering from the effects of sex trafficking and exploitation.


Never stop praying for God’s intervention, covering and healing power. The work of releasing captives can only be done through Jesus.
Visit for targeted prayer requests.

As God leads you, give your time and finances to supporting the work of rescue and restoration.
In Whatcom County, Engedi Refuge Ministries has multiple volunteer opportunities like driving survivors to appointments, serving as a mentor or a respite work, helping with fundraising and awareness building and donating skilled services. Visit their website for details.

Build Awareness.
Look for areas within your sphere of influence to share this reality in a way that is tailored to a group’s interests and stage of life. Consider hosting a movie/discussion group in your home or signing up to run a race with proceeds going to a related organization. When you hear someone exploiting women or buying the lie, share an alternate view—speak up!

Engedi Ministries

Visit the Bread of Life page to learn more about our Haiti Ministry. 

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