Connect with community through Online Groups this Fall! Join us as we meet new friends, chat about the message, and connect with community!


We are designed for relationship, a personal relationship with Jesus and with one another. We believe we are better together! With our physical locations limited in capacity, we are reimagining what community and the Church look like.

Online Community Groups are an opportunity to gather together through technology, wherever you are. Growing in your relationship with Jesus starts with belonging and then leads to growth, and we know this is almost always done within the framework of community. Gather with us this Fall during our 9-week series. Check out the available Online Community Groups based on group type, day and time. Discover the best fit for you, it’s that easy! Interested in hosting? Learn more by clicking the links below.

Discussion groups begin the week of September 27. Feel free to join a group at any time during our 9-week series. Don’t see a time that works for you? Email


Weekly on Tuesdays at 6:30PM (PST)
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Weekly on Tuesdays at 4PM (PST)
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Weekly on Sundays at 7PM (PST)
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Weekly on Tuesdays at 10AM (PST)
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Weekly on Thursdays at 7AM (PST)
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Thank you for your interest in becoming a Discussion Host. Becoming a Host is easy! We’ve outlined a few key areas for you to consider before filling out the online registration. Once you’ve read through the details and you think this is a good fit for you, click the link above and complete the registration and we will be in touch.

Fall Community Groups are designed to help you get to know Jesus better. To do that, Cornwall Church creates weekly discussion questions that are available online to facilitate group discussion.

This is a time to meet new friends, chat about the message, or simply connect with community! We want you to have some fun and will suggest ways to do this.

Pick a day and time that works for you and we will publish the group meeting times on our website for others to join.

What’s my job as a host?

1) to pray for your people (you choose how frequently- daily/every other day/ weekly)

2) to simply connect with others in community.

3) to communicate by text or email  in between meeting times.

4) to facilitate the meetings and lead the discussion.

5) to make sure the group is more than just “chatting” and course-correct if that’s the case.

6) to take part in a Host Zoom training before launching our discussion groups.

7) to make sure the mission of the group stays on target.