At Cornwall Church, we aspire to live a life of prayer as a community. Take some time to check out the tools below to incorporate into your daily prayer life.


You can download a copy of the Cornwall Church digital prayer guide here.

Devote yourselves to prayer, being watchful and thankful. Colossians 4:2

So Where Do We Start?

God created each of us uniquely. How we pray to Him will look a little different for everyone. Below is a menu of a few ways one might approach prayer.

We encourage you to sample as many of these as you like. Some are based on examples found in the scriptures, while others and methods developed to expand our idea of what prayer can look like. Dig in, and enjoy!

ACTS: The 4-step prayer method begins with ACKNOWLEDGING God for who He is and Adoring His Attributes. This method will lend itself well to the daily prayer page, which includes an attribute for you to focus on for the day. Simply fill in the blank: God you are_____. Feel free to praise as many of His wonderful qualities as come to mind.

The next step is to CONFESS your sin to God. This is an opportunity to humbly address your heavenly Father, and admit the ways that you fail to give Him surrender of your life. It is also a time to repent and then soak in His forgiveness and grace. Confession is not meant to induce guilt, but to spur you toward corrective thoughts and actions that draw you closer to God.

Then comes THANKSGIVING. After realizing how gracious and good God is to you, you will have plenty to thank Him for!  We can never thank Him too much.

Finally, you will bring your SUPPLICATIONS to God. These are our prayer requests for ourselves, others, and the world. Don't be afraid to be specific. The more detailed the prayer, the more easily the answers will be to identify. Prayers are not always answered in the way we expect. But, because God hears our prayers and is always working for our good, we can trust that God's ways and timing are always best.