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We believe in the power of laughter and hard work! At Cornwall, our work is more than just the usual 9-5 routine. We get to work with people we love, and our days are full of exciting challenges. We are committed to giving our absolute best because our mission is centered around helping people find and follow Jesus!

Core Beliefs and Culture

Be sure to check out our "beliefs" page for more information. Cornwall is affiliated with the Church of God movement that got their roots in the 1880s in the midst of the broader Wesleyan-holiness movement in the U.S.. Early leaders of the Church of God hoped to restore a more Bible-based understanding and practice of what it means to be followers of Christ, working together to love God and people.

Today, the Church of God is an international family of Jesus people collectively building a Jesus-centered, biblically grounded movement. Jesus is the subject, guiding our purpose and plan. When Jesus is the subject, we can work together to bring the kingdom to life on earth as it is in heaven.


Cornwall Church team members are united by a common faith and our core values shape our culture. Living out these values in the workplace brings us together to forge a culture that fosters unity and collaboration. Did we mention we love to laugh? Staff shenanigans are a common occurrence.

  • Humility - Appropriate Smallness
  • Integrity - Do Right, Be True
  • Grace - Love Well with Unreserved Kindness
  • Healthy Excellence- Giving Your Best Physically, Emotionally, and Spiritually. "Healthy Excellence is not about achieving perfection but rather honoring what we did yesterday and figuring out how to do it better today." - Danny Meyer


(benefits vary for part-time, full-time and pastoral staff)

  • Health Care + Dental + Vision
  • Retirement Savings Plan
  • Staff Events
  • Monthly Staff Prayer
  • Paid Soul Care 
  • Leadership Development

Check out our current openings

Position Status: Full-Time | Cornwall Church, Bellingham WA
Supported By: Associate Pastor and Next Gen Director

Please apply by submitting your cover letter and resume to: Dustin Reimer, Student Ministry

Download the full job description here: Middle School Director


Do you want to spend a year participating in an active, dynamic church environment, and through your involvement, not only make an impact in a specific area of ministry, but gain overall church ministry exposure, and leadership/discipleship training with a mentor and fellow interns? If so, we’d love to hear from you!


Ministry Internship: A 10-11 month position primarily for gaining ministry experience and exposure under the supervision of a ministry head, focused on leadership training, discipleship, professional development, and being a part of a community of interns. This is a minimum 15-20 hour a week position, non-paid. Preferably starting in August with the 2-day Global Leadership Summit and ending in June.

If you are interested, please respond to the questions below:

  • Share your name, contact information, and where you are currently living
  • Share why you are interested in being a ministry intern
  • What are your professional/personal goals?
  • What area of ministry would you like to focus on?
  • What is your connection with Cornwall Church?

Send your responses to the ministry you are most interested in serving.  After reviewing your responses, they will contact you regarding their present needs, and possible next steps.


  • A great place to discern your calling into ministry
  • An environment where interns are encouraged to learn about their ministry area, as well as other areas of interest or relevance – the value of education
  • A partnership between supervisor and intern, and fellow interns
  • A commitment between a supervisor, intern, and Cornwall Church in order that all parties would benefit as a result of the program


  • Free labor, with no accountability
  • A narrow focus of exposure, not allowing for the intern to experience Cornwall Church to its fullest
  • A one sided relationship, or a hands off approach
  • Getting the most we can from someone who is willing to work for free, taking advantage of position or authority
  • Just filling a position that we can’t currently hire
  • Below, in status or position to our staff