Jobs & Internships


Job Description

Title: Go and Be Coordinator / Administrator
Department: Go and Be Ministry
Position Status: 15 hours
Reports to: Go and Be Pastor

Position Summary

Primary responsibility is to provide administrative support to the Go and Be Ministry at Cornwall Church. This individual will plan and execute full social media campaigns, visual content and communication efforts.

Overall Strategy

The ministry of Go & Be has a two-fold focus that is lived out locally and globally. Go & Be creates opportunities for members of Cornwall Church to live courageously by joining in God’s redemptive work in the world and making Jesus known by expressing compassion to those in need, seeking restoration, and actively addressing injustice. We also provide opportunities to relationally evangelize when, compelled by love, we share the hope of Jesus with those who don’t yet know him. We live this out through establishing meaningful partnerships with organizations with whom we can engage our hearts, hands, and minds.

If you are interested, please submit resume and cover letter to Pastor Mike Ford at: Mike Ford 

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Go and Be Coordinator


Do you want to spend a year participating in an active, dynamic church environment, and through your involvement, not only make an impact in a specific area of ministry, but gain overall church ministry exposure, and leadership/discipleship training with a mentor and fellow interns? If so, we’d love to hear from you!


Ministry Internship: A 10-11 month position primarily for gaining ministry experience and exposure under the supervision of a ministry head, focused on leadership training, discipleship, professional development, and being a part of a community of interns. This is a minimum 15-20 hour a week position, non-paid. Preferably starting in August with the Leadership Summit and ending in June.


  • A great place to discern your calling into ministry
  • An environment where interns are encouraged to learn about their ministry area, as well as other areas of interest or relevance – the value of education
  • A partnership between supervisor and intern, and fellow interns
  • A commitment between a supervisor, intern, and Cornwall Church in order that all parties would benefit as a result of the program


  • Free labor, with no accountability
  • A narrow focus of exposure, not allowing for the intern to experience Cornwall Church to its fullest
  • A one sided relationship, or a hands off approach
  • Getting the most we can from someone who is willing to work for free, taking advantage of position or authority
  • Just filling a position that we can’t currently hire
  • Below, in status or position to our staff

If you are interested, please respond to the questions below:

  • Share your name, contact information, and where you are currently living
  • Share why you are interested in being a ministry intern
  • What are your professional/personal goals?
  • What area of ministry would you like to focus on?
  • What is your connection with Cornwall Church?

Send your responses to the ministry you are most interested in serving.  After reviewing your responses, they will contact you regarding their present needs, and possible next steps.