Jobs & Internships

Cornwall Church is accepting resumes for the following positions in preparation for reopening.


Job Title: Host Team Director | Guest Services
Department: Creative Arts
Reports to: Director of Communications + Marketing
Working with: Creative Arts Team
Position Status: Part-Time 25-29 hours per week (10 Weekend Hours)

This position has an influence in creating a warm and welcoming environment so that people may experience God and worship together. The role of the Host Team Director is to vision cast, organize, recruit, train, encourage and care for the Cornwall Host Teams for our Bellingham Campus, including weekend services, Refuge services, and special event services.  This person will have an influence in the Creative Arts process and assist with the management of our large scale events such as Christmas, Easter, The Global Leadership Summit, Cornwall Celebration Event, our Fall BBQ +Baptism and additional events sponsored by Cornwall Church. 

    • Host Teams:
      • Parking Team
      • Welcome Team Greeters/Ushers (including Refuge)
      • Guest Services Info Team
      • Hospitality Team (including Refuge)
      • Espresso Cafe
      • Medical Team
      • Security Team

Please apply by submitting your cover letter and resume to: Shara Benner, Director of Communications + Marketing

Download full job description here: HOST TEAM DIRECTOR | GUEST SERVICES

Job Title: Children’s Ministry Director
Department: Skagit Campus
Reports to: Skagit Campus Pastor
Position Status: 15 Hours/ Week


Serve as Children’s Ministry Director for Skagit Campus
Responsible for overall children’s ministry at Skagit campus – serving and/or being available at all weekend services.
Ensure that program meets the needs of children, families and volunteers.
Focus on the mission of Explorers League of inspiring children to develop a lifelong relationship with Jesus.
Responsible for recruitment, trainings, weekly scheduling and volunteer assimilation.

On-going connection with volunteers and follow-up with visitors.
Serve as Coach or in classrooms, as needed.
Understand, develop and implement the“Orange”culture&curriculum.
Connect (via meetings) and coordinate with Children’s Ministry team at Bellingham campus and meet regularly with Children’s Pastor based on your and his schedule.
Assist with prep work, as needed, for weekend services.
Ensure a safe, clean, fire code-approved environment and space for the Explorers League ministry.
Lead Explorers League summer fundraising effort for determined beneficiary.

Please apply by submitting your cover letter and resume to: Pastor Bryon Mengle

Download full job description here: SKAGIT CHILDREN’S MINISTRY DIRECTOR

Job Title: Preschool Teacher

Department/Ministry: Children’s Ministry

Position Status: Part-Time 4-8 hours per week

Reports To: Children’s Pastor

Job Scope

The primary responsibility of the mid-week preschool teacher is to create and implement a well-balanced curriculum for the three-year-old Bright Discoveries preschool class.

Summary of Essential Job Functions:

  • Create curriculum for three-year-old class
  • Order teaching supplies
  • Create weekly lesson plans
  • Prepare educational materials for weekly lesson plans Provide weekly instruction for classes
  • Offer parent communication (emails, notes, meetings)
  • Organize registrations for class
  • Maintain classrooms (set-up, take-down, ready for shared ministries)

Please apply by submitting your cover letter and resume to: Pastor Mike Libolt

Download full job description here: BRIGHT DISCOVERIES PRESCHOOL TEACHER

Job Title: Skagit Property Manager
Department: Skagit Campus
Reports to: Skagit Campus Pastor
Position Status: Full-time or Part-time

Through servant leadership and professional excellence, the Skagit Property Manager will be responsible for overseeing the operation/maintenance of the Cornwall Church Skagit buildings and grounds and preparing the use of the property by the church or outside groups while maintaining “Cornwall standards.”


  • Able to set priorities, meet deadlines and work independently and efficiently with self-motivation and integrity.
  • Weekly full building walk-through assessment.
  • Ability to perform strenuous and continuous physical work, including heavy lifting over 50 lbs., working around the building and grounds.
  • Able to work a flexible schedule and with the understanding that special events and large church gatherings will be a part of the regular schedule.
  • Able to perform basic maintenance tasks.
  • Able to become familiar with all aspects of the facilities and systems.
  • Maintain church property inventory and conditions and, as needed, order supplies through relationships with vendors.
  • Draft specifications for contracted work, prepare a statement of work, gain the approval of proposal, obtain bids, assist with the selection, oversees performance functioning as the point of contact between outside contractors and Cornwall Church.
  • Maintain budget, documentation on all service agreements, warranties, safety related documentation, invoices, etc.
  • Opening, closing and preparation (setup/teardown) of facilities and grounds for functions.
  • Preparation and execution of preventative maintenance schedules for the building’s equipment.
  • Maintain campus landscaping (mowing, raking, blowing, pruning, etc.) and snow removal.
  • General understanding of the heating and cooling systems, plumbing, electrical, landscaping and irrigation equipment and tools inside and outside of the building.
  • Oversight of: fire inspections, security system, supply inventory, heating and plumbing systems, janitorial services.
  • Other duties as assigned.

Please apply by submitting your cover letter and resume to: Pastor Bryon Mengle

Download full job description here: SKAGIT PROPERTY MANAGER


Do you want to spend a year participating in an active, dynamic church environment, and through your involvement, not only make an impact in a specific area of ministry, but gain overall church ministry exposure, and leadership/discipleship training with a mentor and fellow interns? If so, we’d love to hear from you!


Ministry Internship: A 10-11 month position primarily for gaining ministry experience and exposure under the supervision of a ministry head, focused on leadership training, discipleship, professional development, and being a part of a community of interns. This is a minimum 15-20 hour a week position, non-paid. Preferably starting in August with the Leadership Summit and ending in June.

If you are interested, please respond to the questions below:

  • Share your name, contact information, and where you are currently living
  • Share why you are interested in being a ministry intern
  • What are your professional/personal goals?
  • What area of ministry would you like to focus on?
  • What is your connection with Cornwall Church?

Send your responses to the ministry you are most interested in serving.  After reviewing your responses, they will contact you regarding their present needs, and possible next steps.


  • A great place to discern your calling into ministry
  • An environment where interns are encouraged to learn about their ministry area, as well as other areas of interest or relevance – the value of education
  • A partnership between supervisor and intern, and fellow interns
  • A commitment between a supervisor, intern, and Cornwall Church in order that all parties would benefit as a result of the program


  • Free labor, with no accountability
  • A narrow focus of exposure, not allowing for the intern to experience Cornwall Church to its fullest
  • A one sided relationship, or a hands off approach
  • Getting the most we can from someone who is willing to work for free, taking advantage of position or authority
  • Just filling a position that we can’t currently hire
  • Below, in status or position to our staff